Kokkedoortjie is a South African original series produced by Homebrew Films, in which contestants put their culinary skills to the test in the hope that they will impress the judges enough to make it through to the finale and win the grand prize. Kokkedoortjie was aired on channel 144 on DSTV.

I was asked by Homebrew films to create a unique artwork for Kokkedoortjie that would be part of the prices for the 10 finalists

I conceptualized and artwork to fit the theme of the series. I cut the Lino and made 10 prints of each that I coloured in acrylic ink. In every episode the person that got voted out received a unique framed Theo Paul Vorster artwork numbered from 10/10 to 01/10 for the winner.

The ever so popular Kokkedoortjie was followed by Koekedoortjie and this time around showcased the kids baking skills.

I was once again asked by Homebrew films to do an artwork for the new series based on the main elements and theme of the Koekedoortjie set.

It gave me great joy to create these artworks.