Process and Workshops

My Process

My Process

Materials used are of the highest quality. Paper (285g) is imported from Fabriano in Italy. The inks used are imported from Bracknell in the UK.

I spend a long time planning and conceptualizing the artwork before transferring the image to the Lino block. I transfer my image with pen onto the Lino and then cut my image with a lino cutting tool. Once done I first prepare my paper by soaking it in water to make it softer to take the ink better. Just before I print I will take it out of the water and dry it with a towel. I then roll my lino block with an oil based ink using a roller.

I place my paper onto the inked lino and hand print it using the spooning method.

Once dry I will color the artwork with acrylic ink. I limit my amount of prints to 10 or 15 to make it more exclusive.

The original Linocut is finished in oil paint and sold. This also makes the prints more exclusive as I cannot reprint a second edition.

My entire process is done by hand and each and very Lino print is individually hand colored by me.


My One day lino cutting workshops are normally hosted @ my studio in Stellenridge, Bellville, Cape Town.

This workshop is for people who wish to begin their exploration of relief block printing. Or just simply try something new. Artists and non-artists can do this. Together we will explore a range of simple methods of creating stunning images on paper, giving you your very own amazing work to take home. You will also learn a variety of different mark making methods. You will be supported throughout the entire process.

Workshops Include:

Paper to Print On, Printing Ink, Lino Block, Acrylic Ink, Light Lunch, Tea, Coffee & Water, Lino Cutting Tool

Content of the Workshop:

Discussion of Printing Techniques, Discussion of Printing Techniques, Sizing and Preperation of Paper for Printing, Creating/Transferring of Image to Lino (No Artistic Aptitude Required), Demonstrating Cutting Tools, Cutting the Lino Block, Inking up and Pritning the Lino Block, Colouring the Lino Print with Acrylic Ink

Let me know below if you want to be Notified of future workshops!